Interior design cost effective makeover ideas 7: kid's rooms

Kids being kids, their idea of a fun, cool and enjoyable bedroom will not match the ideas presented by adults. It then becomes necessary for parents to ask for the opinions of their kids when decorating the latter's bedroom especially when it comes to the soft furnishings like the linens, curtains and rugs, among others. Keep in mind that these soft furnishings add the unique character of the room that, in turn, speaks of the unique individuality of the little person who call it his or hers.

Pink Is For Girls, Blue Is for Boys

There was a time when the above mentioned statement was untrue in society – blue was for girls and pink was for boys. Times change, however, so parents usually decorate their kids' rooms according to the modern trend of pink for girls (think Barbie) and blue for boys (think Superman and Spiderman). Well, who says that you cannot mix and match these two colours in a single bedroom? It's just a matter of adding subtle touches of pink to a boy's room and blue to a girl's room.

A few ideas in this matter include

  • Pink childrens curtains can be edged with blue on the hemlines or can be printed with blue patterns – and vice versa. This can also be applied to cheap rugs or window blinds.
  • The pillows on the bed and the throw pillows on the mini-sofa can be in a vibrant blue hue to contrast with the all-too-feminine pink linens. 
  • Duvet cover sets can incorporate both pink and blue – a good idea is to have a bed in a bag in a mix of colours so that you won't have any problems finding a suitable duvet cover for impromptu sleep-overs! Since blue and pink are complementary colours, you will have an easy time blending in the rest of the hard and soft furnishings with these hues.

Arts and Crafts, Here We Go:

When you can't find your desired soft furnishings or these items are beyond your budget, your next best choice is arts and crafts. You can save more than a few pounds and your soft furnishings will have a personal touch. A few ideas include pumpkin pillows, a home-made quilt wall hanging made from the kids' colourful old shirts and even a rug made by stitching old quilts.

Ultimately, the décor in the kids' rooms must be fun, cool and enjoyable for the children so that these areas become their safe havens while asleep and play.

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