Interior design cost effective makeover ideas 5: bathrooms

Nowadays, bathrooms are not just places to perform personal hygiene activities in although it is still the main purpose of these areas. Bathrooms are also considered as places to pamper one's body with a warm, nice and long bath and to relax one's mind via scented candles, mood music and good wine. Think of a spa experience right in the comfort of your own home!

If you believe that your bathroom is inadequate for its secondary purpose and yet money is tight for a partial to full remodel, then we suggest changing the area with soft furnishings. Curtains, drapes and blinds on the window; rugs on the floor; and even towels on the racks and shelves can be mixed and matched until the desired ambience in the bathroom is achieved. No need for costly remodels involving changes in tiles, baths and basins.

Add a Burst of Colour

Look around your bathroom. If there is one wall done in an interesting colour or pattern, you can play it up mainly by adding matching accessories. For example, the wall may be done in light green colour tiles that can be played up with soft furnishings. Place cheap rugs in a similar shade on the floor as well as a window dressing in a lighter hue on the windows, thus, playing up the green theme.

Add a few personal touches with flowers and plants and the natural look is complete. Treat the Windows Nicely! Most bathrooms have windows that can also be given the royal treatment. Keep in mind that windows to bathrooms let in natural light while also providing for privacy from the neighbours, two utilitarian functions that must be considered when choosing the type of window dressing to hang over these openings. We can suggest the following window treatments:

  • Clip vintage linens into a line to mimic linens blowing about in the wind. Think of Nantucket as your inspiration.
  • Re-purpose a square lace doily to form a handkerchief valance over the window, which will add a romantic touch to the bathroom. Other things that can be re-purposed as a bathroom curtain are vintage tea towels and lacy tablecloths.
  • Hang bamboo wooden blinds on the window nearest the bath. This way, the bathroom remains light and airy while still being a private space. There are many different ways to bring a fresh new look to bathrooms without having to spend a small fortune. Use your skills and interior design flair to make the most of the smallest room in your home!

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