Interior design cost effective makeover ideas 4: kitchens

For most families, the kitchen is the most-loved area of the house for many reasons. It’s a cosy place where parents and kids can gather together in a casual atmosphere, relating the day's events and even doing homework for the kids while the adults prepare the meal. Even singles who live on their own in a flat will appreciate a well-appointed kitchen especially when having family and friends over for a visit.

Revving up the kitchen, however, can cost plenty of money particularly when a full remodel is planned. Then again, why spend wads of money when you can make a few changes here and there using affordable soft furnishings? Windows: Let's start with rethinking window treatments specifically curtains and blinds, which imbue any indoor area with a new ambience on minimum time, effort and money.

Often, the best way to do this is to look for curtains or kitchen blinds with contrasting colours in relation to the walls. Take note that contrasting – or complementary - colours are on opposite sides of the colour wheel. For example, if your kitchen has mango yellow walls, then a window dressing in a violet shade are great additions to the room. Or walls in blue will stand out with orange curtains or blinds.

Of course, you may not like curtains or blinds in a single solid colour. In this case, we recommend white with patterns in the desired complementary colour, which will add texture to the area. Don't just settle for any curtains or blinds, either. Be creative with your choices such as in the following suggestions:

  • Drape natural woven fabric over curtain poles for a rustic appeal.
  • Re-purpose a vintage tablecloth into a curtain by adding rick-racks, pompoms and other artistic fringes.
  • Add woven wood Roman blinds or bamboo shades as topper to lace curtains.
  • String lace borders on kitchen windows for vintage charm.
  • Ads swags of gingham fabric over the windows for country charm. With just a simple chain in curtains over the kitchen windows and even the archways will turn the area from drab to fabulous.

Spruce Up Baskets and Bins:

In the kitchen, storage is an important utilitarian feature that can also be made beautiful to look at. Try wrapping wooden baskets and bins with colourful fabric to add zing into the kitchen. This is especially useful when your kitchen is in need of a new coat of paint but it's still a long way off in the future.

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