Interior design cost effective makeover ideas 3: bedrooms

Bedrooms are considered the most personal and most private rooms in the entire house. It comes as no surprise then that bedrooms reflect the personality, preferences and passions of their main occupants, be it leaning toward a casual affair, a modern vibe, or an eclectic ambience, among other possibilities in designs. Remodelling bedrooms can be an expensive endeavour especially when old walls, floors and ceilings must be replaced with new materials.

Why go through all the time, effort and expense when remodelling bedrooms can be easy as changing the soft fixtures? Below are a few excellent ideas on how such a goal can be achieved. Add a Canopy: There's something beautiful, romantic and grand with canopies over beds. There's no need to buy a canopy bed either since you can choose from many types of do-it-yourself canopies using swags of fabric. Examples include:

  • A white lace and gauzy fabric canopy for a sexy and yet romantic look
  •  A velvet canopy in rich hues of reds adds a touch of amorous sexiness to an otherwise plain bedroom
  • A chiffon and tulle canopy in pastel colours such as pink and lilac proudly proclaim the owner's femininity Indeed, even a simple canopy can instantly transform a commoner's room into a room fit for a royal – and all without spending royally.

Spruce Up the Headboard: Yet another way to liven up a bedroom on a tight budget is to spruce up the headboard over the bed. Many affordable beds come with plain headboards that can be dressed up by covering these with fabric of your own choice. The result is an old bed that looks new, expensive and stylish. For example, a plain wooden headboard can be wrapped in velvet fabric with colours echoing the rest of the décor.

You can add metal studs set in a diamond pattern for an edgy appeal to the velvet headboard. Play around with the lengths, styles and designs of the curtains, valances and drapes. For example, pleated floor length curtains held by fabric ties add a stately appeal, while gingham curtains reinforce a country-rustic theme. Choose the curtains that maintain a balance between letting the air in and keeping nosy eyes out, when necessary.

Other ideas for using soft furnishings in bedrooms is to mix and match the duvet cover sets, pillows and blankets on the bed; accentuate the colours of the walls with large rugs on the floor; and use wall hangings to great effect. Browse through ranges of curtains, rugs direct from our online store and other similar soft furnishings and you are bound to find something that will appeal to your personal preferences in bedroom décor.

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