In our final post in this mini-series we're going to wrap things up with an overview of soft furnishings which can be used as practical and functional gifts for family and friends. Bedding: We've suggested ideas for giving bed throws, duvet covers sets and super king bedding as a wonderful present which will last for many years and also help to keep family and friends warm this year. Any one of these bedding items are available in stunning designs, styles, colours and patterns making it easy to select the correct styles for various colour schemes and interior design styles your friends and family have. Rugs: Rugs have been a staple part of interior design for decades. Large rugs will help to ground a room as well as being a creature comfort that we all enjoy. With on-trend colours and designs rugs are available for every room in a home, and can be used as a great way to break up the monotony of large floor areas along with injecting colour and texture to a room. Window dressings: We've even looked at window dressings as an innovative gift idea, from thermal blinds to pencil pleat curtains to suit all styles of homes. These suggestions have a common theme of helping to save precious heat inside a room, which in the long run can help to lower heating bills – a gift idea which serves more than one purpose – the possibilities of saving money and a stylish window dressing. These 3 topics have been our focus and yet within each post you'll have seen that we also include other great gift ideas to suit all budgets, including trendy cushions and throws, bed cushions, runners and comforters each could be used on it's own or combined to make an extra special gift. But these aren't the only soft furnishings you could give as a practical and functional present. Table cloths and napkins with a Christmas theme of Poinsettias, lamps, wall art and pictures would also make a wonderful gift. So this year think of your gift list and choose items which suit the family member or friend you have in mind before making any snap decisions. Novelty items are fun and we all love to receive them, however within a few days these are typically put in the back of a cupboard and forgotten about. With soft furnishings they'll be used and on display throughout the year making your gift that little bit more appreciated and special.

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