It may be a little awkward to give curtains as a present, however today we're going to suggest that you give yourself a gift of beautiful pencil pleat curtains to bring a fresh new look to your windows and home in time for the festive season. This is particularly pertinent if you're having family and friends to stay or visit over the holiday season. Ready made curtains are so easy to hang that you really don't need to invest copious amounts of precious time twiddling about with your new window dressing, the most difficult part will be choosing them! Rather than give yourself the task of a complete decoration project prior to Christmas simply change your curtains for the latest colours, styles and designs to suit your rooms. In the living room add an abundance of cushions for sofas and chairs to coordinate the look. In the bedroom add bed throws which match your new curtains for a balanced and chic look. Add an extra touch of glamour by piling the bed with boudoir styled cushions. Changing the window dressing in guest rooms will not only give the room a new, fresh look, you'll also be able to relax and enjoy the holidays rather than being stressed because of the 'state' of your guest room and wishing you'd done something about it! You don't have to spend a small fortune to give a room a new lease of life – just remember to coordinate colours to get the best end results. Full length pencil pleat curtains are the height of fashion within the world of interior design. If you have a radiator underneath your windows you may wish to tuck them behind the radiator so that the heat comes into the room rather than warming the curtains and the air space behind them. In principle this sounds like a practical solution, however, in most cases it will spoil the look and pleat effect of the curtains. For an efficient way of heating your home use thermal linings on your curtains and only draw them closed to touch the sides of the radiator. Use thermal blinds which can be pulled down during the evening and through the night to give you privacy and a stylish window dressing which doesn't spoil your pencil pleat curtains.

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