Anyone with a teen will be all too aware of the problems choosing a theme or colour scheme for their son or daughter's room can be. Teens, like many children, are fickle – one moment they 'must have' a particular colour, style, accessory and with a short space of time are begging for something else because it's a new trend and they can't bare the thought of losing their 'street cred' with their peers.

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Irrespective of the style, theme or colour pallet you like the probability that your teen will 'hate' it is considerably high. Working together and coming to a happy medium will please both parties. However, getting to that point can be difficult unless of course you have inspiration from others. While trying to find a solution to the problem I came across this inspiring post by Freshome.

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These rooms tick all the right boxes for me and my teens and certainly gave the little grey cells a nudge in the right direction. Budget aside, any one of these inspirational ideas by Eugene Zhdanov can be used as a basis for a positive end result.

Source: Freshome

Those who think that girls are more finicky than boys are mistaken! They're just as fastidious as girls; they need a crash pad which oozes style as well as being practical. Girls who are fed-up with the typical princess theme can still have a trendy bedroom using raspberry pink and black.

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For the more outgoing hot pink and black are fabulous colour combinations and allow personality to shine through while remaining bang on-trend.

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