Musical instruments are perfect for adding a theme to your rooms; what’s even better is that you actually have to know how to play them, you can simply add them to your décor or garden to get a trendy upcycled look. Upcycling an ‘Old Joanna’ is an interesting way to show your love of music.


Take in innards out of piano and you can turn it into a stunning book shelf and display unit. Add other musical related accessories to create continuity.


Loving this cool water feature. It’s the perfect addition to a garden; the sound of the falling water coming from the piano will be awesome.

Dishfunctional Designs

An unused piano makes a great drinks cabinet. Keeping it resembling it originality to give an up-beat look to your home.


This piano key chair is awesome; a real case of ebony and ivory sitting side-by-side in perfect harmony.

Wicked Faerie Queen

Another spectacular water feature using a piano to create a waterfall. This would look fabulous in a ‘hidden’ garden.


On a smaller scale you can upcycle piano keys to create a musically themed lamp. Perfect for a music room.

MB Desire

This upcycled piano makes a fantastic wall mounted drinks unit.


How cool is this? Stairs made from recycled pianos. The keys on the front of the steps is an innovative creation.

Two Sevens

This upcycled keyboard is simply stunning and highly effective. Perfect for a piano teacher’s studio or a musical family’s home.

This Next

This piano covered with doilies may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you have to admit the effect is mesmerising.

Just Imagine DDOC

This upcycled piano may not be as sleek as the others but the concept of transforming it into a book shelf is intuitive.

Kolo Kolo

If you’ve run out of space for your piano inside, use it in the garden as a raised flower or vegetable bed.