Inspiring alternative uses for ladders

Take your accessories up a rung by finding alternative uses for old ladders. It's taking recycling and up-cycling to another level, so to speak! A-frame Ladders Uses As A Funky Shelf

Cozy Bliss

An old step ladder makes a great support for board to make a free standing shelving unit. You can also use an old fashioned ladder as a cool place to keep your shoes. Two wooden Ladders Handing On a Wall, Each Square Containing A Photo Or Ornament

Reinventing The Event Horizon

Mount old wooden ladders horizontally on the wall to use as a display shelf. White Ladders In The Bathroom Used As Shelves For Towels

Funky Junk Interiors

Paint a short stumpy ladder white and use it to store towels in the bathroom. Two White Upside Down Ladders Attached To a Wall And Uses A Frame For Shelves


Inverted step ladders make a quirky shelving unit. Black Metallic Ladder Being Used As A Bedside Table

Poetic Home

Paint a bamboo ladder dark grey for an up-scale bed-side wall unit. Rustic Wooden Step Ladder Used As A Bedside Table

Home Improvement Episodes

An old wooden hop-up makes a quaint bed-side table. Old Ladders Bending Inside The Corner Of A Room, Used To Hold Books

Digs Digs

Open a step ladder out and place in the corner of room for a dual wall book rack. Old Ladder In The Kitchen, Used To Hang Pots And Pans From


Old wooden ladders make great pot racks in country style kitchens. White Ladder Leaning Against A Wall In A Childs Bedroom

Interior Design Pro

A small white ladder is great in a nursery for draping clothes over – just remember to fix it to the wall securely or remove it from the room once the baby start crawling or before you know it they'll be trying to climb it! Recycled Ladders Hanging From The Ceiling, With Four Candle Lanterns Hanging From It

258 Fox Low

A wooden ladder suspended over a dining table is a great place to suspend lanterns. Ladders Used As Overhead Storage In The Kitchen

Sky Designs

Lands Used As A Stand For Family Photos

Lush Home

Suspended wooden ladders are also great for displaying wicker baskets in a country kitchen or dining room. Ladder Used As A Wine Rack


You can turn an old step ladder into a quirky wine rack! Old Ladder In The Garden Holding Six Plant Pots

Simple Bites

Use an old decorating step ladder outside to display herbs grown in old paint tins.

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