Inspired bedroom ideas: west coast style

Not everything in California is Hollywood bound and the flavour of ranches and vineyards, can leave one spellbound. For a different type of flair in the bedroom, choose sparse and friendly. Strong, well-defined colours plus welcomed privacy, will hit the spot after a long day on the country trail.

Black, White and a Touch of Red

Simple décor calls for simple colours. Black and white is a favourite choice for keeping scenes easy and uncomplicated. Walls can be shaded in greys, tans or beige, and still support the distinctive black and white theme. With colours so obvious, even the touch of an opposite colour, will scream with attention. Red represents action, but is also a balance for drawing a line between the light and dark contrast.

Clean and Inviting Beds

You will find no frills and lace with a tidy, respectable country bed that has one purpose only, to provide free and even sleep. A crude, rustic headboard that favours a rough hewn fence, made out of posts and stained black oak, brings in a piece of the calm countryside. Fabrics of durable cotton, denim or wool will guarantee easy to clean and long-lasting quality. Many duvet covers come with these qualities and a striking white will be stunning against the crude headboard.

Dark Out Curtains for Refreshing Slumber

 Roller blinds behind bedroom curtains can provide adequate darkness, but for a knock-out black interior, select black velvet curtains that has an insulating backing. For a touch of the wind, add a slender piece of oak as a header to hide any hardware.

Trim out the Room

Here is where your red highlights come into play. Black wood framed pictures depicting red a bandanna in a twisted rope fashion, look great when spread evenly above the headboard. Three identical framed pictures will keep the clean, fresh lines of simplicity. Use this same colour and bandanna-type covering for lampshades and a couple of small, square pillows. You will find that there is nothing cosier than a quiet, darkened room to soothe a tired body and spirit. You don't have to live along the West Coast to feel the uniqueness of a cosy, country bedroom. Enjoy the confines of your space that sends your mind to places never visited. Use for a type of rustic flavour in your home and find a new way of sleeping soundly, feeling as if stars are right overhead.

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