Inspired bedroom ideas: subtly soothing

A calm and relaxed spirit can soon be yours when soothing colours, lighting and tone, surrounds your bedroom. Washing away stress and worries, is the sense that you can capture by blending light natural colour and warm balanced light. This picture of quiet and beauty will twirl in you head, even before you arrive home, following a hard day's work.

How to Form Serenity

Entertaining sleep is often necessary when the problems of the day seem destined to hang on. Natural tones of brown, tan and green are warming to the body, as well as the mind. Wood also makes a fine contribution to settling a fast-paced mood. Start with an enchanting wallpaper of subtle leaf shapes on a background of beige, or even a Bamboo grass cloth. Texture, for depth, is the goal.

Window Treatments Designed for Slumber

Simple plain or striped curtains are sufficient when using blackout roller blinds or ready made roman blinds that control light. Natural toned curtains with brown and green stripes against dark, wooden blinds, will introduce the feel of goodness. You may also wish to choose a solid light green or tan pair of curtains, depending on your duvet cover colour. Keep the top plain or use a short box valance that is not too obvious.

Spread your Bed with Soothing Spirit

A leather covered head board can further the natural tone of the room and allow you to use wood in other areas of the room. Duvet covers that are quiet in design, and complete to the floor, will let the eyes stay focused on a peaceful journey into sleep. A polyester/cotton blend in your room's natural colours will fit perfectly against your wall and window designs. These duvet covers will also keep a smooth, solid shape.

Accessories that Never Distract

Select sturdy lamps that are contemporary in style and keep with the colour and style of the room. A small dried flower arrangement and a couple of tan side pillows are enough to make the room enchanting without distraction. Rich wood bed tables will set off your dark leather headboard and bring lustre to your duvet cover. Simple and soothing, yet deliciously attractive, you will find your mind leaving the day behind, for a quiet, self-serving slumber that leaves you refreshed and ready to face another day.

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