Inspired bedroom ideas: simply sumptuous

Let you bedroom become a masterpiece of art by incorporating a variety of graceful textures, an intriguing headboard, and hints of elegance with accessories. Make your colours a secondary component while concentrating on the depth and tone that can be created by layering cotton, velvet, wool and luxury bedding materials. The result will be a grand, sumptuous glow, filled with serenity.

Start with the Focal Point: In any bedroom, the bed and immediate space, surrounding it, will be the area of attention. Creating an artful design doesn't have to consist of silk sheets and elaborate, expensive headboards. In fact, the more simplistic, the better. A plain dark-coloured wood panel, with a glossy finish, can set the stage for a mood-altering display. Attach to the wall, squarely behind the bed frame.

Accent with dark night stands and small acrylic-based lamps with fine linen-covered shades. Dressing the Bed: Take a moment to picture different colours and fabrics to use for your bed's dressing. Duvet covers offer the best source of texture and depth in creating a tempting scene. Earthy or neutral colours can keep a certain sophisticated look without being brazen. Olive, sand, graphite, or dusty rose are favourites in keeping a subtle, yet natural flavour. Fabrics with a light sheen will be enough to bring a welcome invitation. Stay with quality cotton sheets and top with yarn woven, square decorative pillows, trimmed with satin ruffles.

The mixture of different fabrics will deliver an atmosphere of luxury, using little colour. Outline the Windows: Straight, neutral bedroom curtains, with borders of colour that match your duvet, add crisp, clean lines to the room, without being distracting. A flowing valance in pleated cascades, will add form and tone. Although your first thought may be that you need to add satin and silk in your window treatments, refrain.

Silky fabrics can cheapen a masterpiece that is drawn from layering. Finish your room with a crushed velvet chair of a dark, compatible colour. Use fleece or wool for a throw or a woollen throw rug for a dot of intrigue. Use a small period table for placing fresh flowers. By discovering depth and fabric layering, you can create a sumptuous masterpiece, not unlike the brush strokes that an artist uses with paints. Look closely at an oil painting by one of the masters, like Rembrandt or Da Vinci, and you will see the layers that create the stunning and sumptuous feeling that their work has long been admired for. What better way to see your bedroom, than as a rich and enticing work of art.

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