Inspired Bedroom Ideas: Playfully Fresh

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Add a touch of playful charm to your bedroom with a selection of cosy, comforting materials and accessories. The atmosphere will beg you to kick off your shoes, turn on your favourite tunes and enjoy your space by using colour, texture and light.

Be spontaneous in gathering your favourite small items that bring a smile to your face, and look forward to a festive place to relax. Spring Meadow Appeal: Picture yourself resting in a field filled with flowers and capture the essence. A patchwork duvet cover that features natural tones of wheat, blue skies, and dotted with colourful flowers, can create a mood of fresh, outdoor briskness. Easy to clean cotton will lift your fear of soiling your duvet, as you carelessly toss the day's items in the midst.

Choose luxury bedding of neutral or white, perhaps with pillow cases that are outlined with embroidered edging. An oval braided rug, placed along the side of your bed, will complete the comforting, casual display. Crowded Shelves: Nature has no boundaries of plentiful beauty and neither should you. Space many shelves all around the walls in your room and fill with everything you love. Old colourful bottles, rag dolls, favourite paperbacks and fresh flowers, can add a distinct happy-go-lucky vibrancy each time you walk into the room.

Use a vast display of picture frames, covered with fabric, to accent every corner. Fill with pictures of smiling faces and great memories. Simple Window Treatments: Choose ready made roman blinds to add a uniform appearance of natural, simple beauty. Wood is always welcome in presenting a carefree attitude. Using blinds that are easily adjusted to filtering scenes of the outdoors, makes a perfect choice. A plain or multi-coloured scarf, draped along a curtain rod, will add to the nice rounded spirit of the room.

Dangling beads, smoothed pebbles or coloured glass pieces, that are hung down one side of the blinds, will also add a little spice to your free-spirited abode. Learn how to be yourself in your own special bedroom that invites you to let your hair down and breathe. Embrace the feeling of happiness and natural freshness and never be afraid to remove or add pieces as you grow in spirit. The atmosphere of life, beauty and memories, will entice you to appreciate your freedom and allow you to relax with your present and future dreams.

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