White walls are the ideal blank canvass on which to work. They give you the opportunity to bring your own personal style to your home. Plain walls are given a focal point which naturally allows the eyes to scan the room and pick out the highlights; if you leave walls blank the mind can easily become confused and start darting around trying to find a place to rest. Even the simplest of patterns can achieve this, which is great new for those who love a minimalist contemporary interior.

Who says interiors have to be immaculate and considered fully decorated to give it the wow factor. Plain ivory or white walls can be given an informal chic style simply by resting a large picture against it – perfect if you don't want to start banging picture hooks into wall plaster which may not be that stable.

Mirrors are perfect for placing on white walls; not only will they help to make the room look more open and spacious they can also be used to help move natural light around the room. One of this year's hottest interior trends is to use groupings of mirrors on one to make a focal point in the room. White and red are perfect colour combinations for any style of home, looking particularly striking in a contemporary home. The designer has used red as the accent colour, which is included within the wall art so that the room has a natural continuity and flow. A combination of pictures, niches and 3D wall art make for a beautiful way to fill blank spaces. These multi-layering keeps the room full of interest and is ideal for those who aren't keen on the minimalist look. Choose favourite objects to display in the niches and use the colour pallet to guide the eyes naturally around the room until they pause in the place they feel most at rest. You can have naked walls and still give a room the wow factor. We should remember that the 'less is more' unwritten rule of interior design really can make a huge difference on the dynamics of a room.