Inspiration from morocco 7: patios

Lets face it – it is still winter and the patio is as grey and dismal as the British skies; but on a positive note you can look forward to giving it a makeover for the warmer months. Visions of gathering on the patio on a warm and sultry summer evening or enjoying the first real touch of Springtime with a cup of sweet mint tea, feeling mighty humble with a Moroccan styled space!

Our first Moroccan patio is the perfect summer residence for spending time with your family and friends – bright, cheerful colours and a laid-back vibe. We love to see this space take shape with Moroccan tiled flooring; fascinating mosaic designs in Mediterranean blues, terracotta and strong tones of yellow – look for relevant symbols such as the eight pointed star. Take one of the hues from your mosaic floor tiles and consider painting a wall that meets with your patio in yellow, terracotta or blue. You will want to provide plenty of seating so think about bench style or modular wooden pieces that can be moved around with ease.

A great piece for your Moroccan themed patio would be a traditional Moroccan tea table or several if you are expecting large crowds! Comfort is key so look for cheap cushion covers online that offer more warm colours, mixing oranges, reds, pinks and yellows. When the time comes to complete your patio, candle lanterns create enough light for a good atmosphere and to top it all off – a silver tea set.

This second idea is a personal favourite with a more intimate setting; possibly easier to achieve, you can work with a blank canvas and no pressure to take on mosaic tiles or a confident colour for outdoor walls – a natural background is just perfect. Don’t scrap colour altogether though, pick it up in textiles but use earthier tones that are more relaxing on the eye – we recommend muted corals, faded terracotta and the lightest of mint greens. Gather some Ottomans and a selection of pouffes with intricate Moroccan pattern; you could even through large cushions around a Moroccan tea table.

    Create a canopy to heighten the relaxed atmosphere by using voile curtain fabric and place candle lanterns around the area. You might want to make the space cosier with a large designer rug and some cushions and throws.

    When appropriate to your outdoor space, you could take the use of rugs one step further by layering several of differing sizes and designs – try to unify them by using either continuous jewel tones in each of them or earth tones with terracotta being a prime hue.

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