Inspiration from morocco 6: entrance halls

Moroccan entrance halls are stunning and if you really love this global style, you will want to show it off from the moment you enter your home. Besides, a bare entrance hall will not help the rest of your décor – make it welcoming and make a lasting impression with touches of Morocco's unique style.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Moroccan entrance halls is the emblematic Horseshoe arch or Moorish arch (or even Keyhole arch) that is seen throughout Islamic architecture. If you could take on such a project and you know that you can live with it long-term – why not have your very own Horseshoe arch?

Beautiful – a shape that is so intriguing to the Western eye at least. Together with your arch, mosaic flooring is another key element to decorating in this style and perhaps more achievable than the arch itself. If you can’t have your arch then bring it in with accessories such as an arch shaped mirror and if you can’t have the mosaic tiles for flooring you could use some to re-surface a console table or place them just in the porch area to cut costs.

Ecru coloured paint has that natural sun-bleached look and it can work really well in entrance halls that receive plenty of natural light. Is it the jewel tones and gorgeous fabrics that you love about Moroccan interiors? Add the wow factor to your entrance hall with an armchair or two-seater sofa upholstered in a hot pink or spicy orange velvet!

Do add cushions and throws and don’t be afraid of mixing these two vibrant hues together, adding the sassy with satin and silks. This is a hedonistic approach that can be toned down with natural and earthy accessories – think terracotta pots with leafy plants and natural woods. I am in love with the side of Moroccan décor that is more earthy and natural than blasted with colour and metallic – a personal preference that made me choose this entrance hall idea!

Choose natural stone floor tiles, taupe or grey for the walls and a beige ceiling – rustic ceiling beams very welcome. Hunt down a statement piece of furniture such as a console table that has the lovely keyhole arch shape or other symbolic shape of Islamic design.

Next, one or more cheap rugs to embrace the tiled floor and some sculptural terracotta pots with leafy green plants to bring life to the space. If you just want to use touches of Moroccan style interior design ideas you could start with some beautiful hanging candle lanterns which look great hung at intervals down a long hallway – they come in a range of colours so you can choose a hue to compliment the rest of your décor; we like the playful look of painting them in powdery pastels such as blue or yellow.

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