Inspiration from morocco 5: dining rooms

Tell me – are you tired of a dull and lifeless dining room? Is it time for a makeover with one of the year's hottest home trends? Moroccan décor can do you and your home the world of good – even if it is short-lived and purely an experimental journey! You don't have to go floor to ceiling Moroccan and might just find that taking inspiration from their colour palettes, the beautiful textile/tile designs and an emphasis on hand-crafted pieces will help to add effective touches of this style without making big commitments.

Read on to get today's offering of Moroccan dining room ideas... This first dining room idea is impressive and exciting without putting in a lot of effort! Choose a predominantly warm neutral colour palette with beige, a tea brown, copper and bronze; an accent hue of ocean blue just wakes up the scene. Paint a tea brown (it has a tinge of green to it) on the bottom half of walls and a light beige above. A dark wooden table or table in black is dramatic at the centre of the room – try if you can to pick up on the shapes we recognise as Moroccan.

In any case, a round table is more intimate and better mimics the shape of a traditional Moroccan tea table. Look for chairs to go with the table and either upholster the seat with a Moroccan print fabric or buy decorative cushions – beige and touches of the ocean blue would look stunning against the dark wood/black furniture. Hang striped tab top voile curtains by the windows, look for the natural colours we mentioned above and perhaps using a metallic. Accessories are intriguing with their unique shapes and décor; do dress the table with a collection of candle lanterns in black and a range of metallics – make it more interesting by using different sizes and placing blue candles within them.

Your life can be easier yet as Moroccan accents can be brought into modern or rustic styled dining rooms – even modern rustic dining rooms! In a neutral room you are quite free to add some metallics; in Moroccan homes you see a lot of copper and silver so think about bringing one or both of those into your décor. One way to do this more abundantly than with simple accessories, is to use metallic dining chairs and with a traditional Moroccan tea table (this is relatively small like an end table – not big enough to feed the family off!)

A peppery red is used in accents such as window ready made curtains and cushions. Now choose some interesting items from the following which can be added in as subtly or as enthusiastically as you feel fit – Moroccan ceramics/pottery, candle lanterns, mosaics, handwoven baskets, eight pointed star motifs, oil lamps, hand-painted trunks, Kilim wool rugs and tassels.

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