Inspiration from morocco 4: bedrooms

For those of you who wish to capture the essence of Morocco in bedrooms, you will be pleased to know that it can be done on a budget with a new colour palette, cheap bedding sets and accessories! Your choice of colour will miraculously change the mood and atmosphere within your bedroom; jewel tones will inject a little energy and glitz whereas the more natural and earthy colours are pure, cosy and romantic.

This first bedroom idea uses mostly neutrals – warm ones which in the right light, reminds me of a beautiful sunset. This beautiful sunset wouldn't be complete without some touches of colour such as varying tones of orange, coral pink and a confident yellow. A beautiful floor colour when using tiles would be a pinky beige that has a certain 'softness' to it and arouses a sense of romance; for walls you can choose ecru which is like a light greyish-yellowish brown!

If you are using the bedroom for more than just sleeping or if you have a particularly large room, think about creating a Moroccan themed seating area with some pouffes displaying more vivid colours or an upholstered window seat with a myriad of decorative cushions – think beading, sequins and embroidered details. Unlike the energy of your seating area, the bed should be dressed more naturally with white sheets, pillows and a quilt/bed runner that is made from satin in a rich brown and sultry orange motif.

Find curtains to match your quilt and add the finishing touches with hanging candle lanterns, wall tapestries and if it is a special evening – scatter some yellow petals on the bed. I love Moroccan tiles for use in the bedroom, even if I can't always walk around barefoot it is worth it for the beauty of these tiles. Often hand-crafted, the tiles are usually made from pressed cement or wood-fired clay and you can come up with something very unique for your floor at home by designing how different tiles are used together.

There are mosaic tiles and those showing off all the Moroccan motifs under the sun – repetitive geometric prints in sun-bleached hues. Terracotta walls, accent oranges and yellows, will bring in warmth and a little bit of the exotic to your bedroom. Why not make a statement with a Moroccan bed or look for a Moroccan style hand-painted headboard to match colours found in duvet covers bedding. Finally, if the thought of tiles has you screaming for a floor rug, look for those similar to Bedouin or Indian rugs with spicy colour ways and a tight weave (usually wool). The traditional Kilim wool rugs would be stone washed to give them that antique look where colours are muted and baring a geometric print.

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