RECYCLE.....recycle, recycle, recycle, recycle. It cannot be said enough, and in this day and age with all these holes popping up here, there and everywhere in the ozone layer it’s become apparent that we as individuals need to do our bit. Everyone agrees with this, that is until the empty milk cartons and scabby tin cans you so carefully collected all seem to congregate in the corner of your kitchen. Seemingly growing and multiplying over the week until they resemble (and smell) like your local land fill site. Then recycling is forgotten, and along comes the urge draw your Brown Curtains, close your Venetian Blinds, sneak into your kitchen and throw all the offending items into a large bin sack and bury them at the bottom of the nearest wheelie bin (preferably your neighbours) under the cover of darkness.

But wait, these drastic measures are not necessary. All you need to do is organise yourself with your own personal kitchen recycling station. Although this sounds like an expensive task, and an awful lot of hassle, it isn’t. It will save you time, space, and keep your kitchen tidy and odour free, plus it’s for the environment, so you have to!

The most common solution for many people is having bins and containers that fit into existing cupboards and units. Take a simple inexpensive door mounted bin that can be placed under the kitchen sink attached to the unit door and used for compostable food waste. It’s in a convenient location and many of these style bins have lid that close with the door containing smells. There are also bins that are mounted on runners so they can slide in and out of the cupboard and easily be removed when collection day arrives. Another option is to designate an entire draw (the deeper pan draws are better for this) to three cheap plastic storage containers, one for compost, one for bottles and one for cans and plastics. All set in one area, it would become as second nature to you as using your normal bin.

If your kitchen is already short on storage space the stand alone types will probably suit you better. There are many types available to suit all kitchens. As it will be on show some may like to opt for a sleeker looking recycling cabinet. Available in white or silver it can be added to most kitchens and enhance their modern look, it consists of three doors that tilt open to reveal the three waste bins that can be assigned their recyclable material, once closed it looks like a cool unit. There are also the more futuristic looking bins, if you’re looking to make it a novelty to encourage children or just want it as a feature piece in your kitchen to inspire others; this is the way to go. The Ovetto Egg is a great way to show off your interest in the environment and helps sorts waste all the while looking very contemporary. For those who don’t want the rubbish in the kitchen at all there are clean chute recycling systems available. If your kitchen backs onto a garage, for instance, the stainless steel chutes can be fitted leading from the kitchen to a larger waste receptacle in the garage, saving any time moving boxes and bags about. Although these would be more expensive to fit, they might be worth it if have vast amount of rubbish.