We all need, and use, light in a variety of ways in our home. Here are some of the latest innovations which show great potential and emit wonderful forms of light. Rechargeable-LED-corks-renew-old-glass-bottles-as-romantic-ambient-lamps-990x500

Lost At E Minor

Rechargeable LED lights are fitted into corkscrew style tops that enable you to turn your own empty bottles into lights. 51518b11deca83f18dbfae6c04f32aaf


This is ideal if you have a room without a window. Hang a light blind on the wall and it gives the appearance of sunlight coming through it. capsule-reading-lamp-solar-powered


No more worrying about leaving the light on if you fall asleep while reading. The Capsule Lamp has a 'damper mode' which slowly closes the cover while you read. lucy-sun-mirror-2

Gear Nova

Lucy sunlight reflector is perfect for the dark corners in your rooms. It is solar powered and reflects light via mirrors. bioluminescent-dino-pet-lamp-toy


Ambio glow lamp contains a photo-bacterium species. The lamps have to allow oxygen to mix with the bacterium to waken them. Once awake they will glow an errie blue for a short time. A great way to get 'free' light. Digital-Habits-Modular-LED-Dragon-Lamp-7


Consisting of modular pieces the LED Dragon Chandelier encourages human interaction to put them together. Once assembled they can be controlled with a Smart phone app. modern-technology-sofa-design-home-furniture

Cars Mach

With their own LED lighting making patterns on a plain sofa this innovation provides a warm blue hue too.

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