Innovations to brighten your home

We all need, and use, light in a variety of ways in our home. Here are some of the latest innovations which show great potential and emit wonderful forms of light. Different coloured bottles used as lamps, with rechargeable LED lights inside the lid

Lost At E Minor

Rechargeable LED lights are fitted into corkscrew style tops that enable you to turn your own empty bottles into lights. Bright wall panel light behind a venetian blind


This is ideal if you have a room without a window. Hang a light blind on the wall and it gives the appearance of sunlight coming through it. A solar powered popup night light on a bedside table


No more worrying about leaving the light on if you fall asleep while reading. The Capsule Lamp has a 'damper mode' which slowly closes the cover while you read. Glass table with funky wooden base and metal sun mirror

Gear Nova

Lucy sunlight reflector is perfect for the dark corners in your rooms. It is solar powered and reflects light via mirrors. Bioluminescent dinosaur lamp


Ambio glow lamp contains a photo-bacterium species. The lamps have to allow oxygen to mix with the bacterium to waken them. Once awake they will glow an errie blue for a short time. A great way to get 'free' light. Digital modular LED lights, looks like a swarm of butterflies hanging from the ceiling


Consisting of modular pieces the LED Dragon Chandelier encourages human interaction to put them together. Once assembled they can be controlled with a Smart phone app. Funky black light sofa with floral pattern in blue

Cars Mach

With their own LED lighting making patterns on a plain sofa this innovation provides a warm blue hue too.

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