Ingenious display ideas for your prized possessions

Collections, trophies and prized possessions should be displayed in your home – these are standard collections, if there is such a thing, rather than collections that take over entire rooms or in extreme cases whole houses. Find ways to display your prized possessions can be as creative as you wish – the days of bog-standard boring shelves seems to be fading; today possessions can be shown and displayed in some ingenious ways. Light grey and cream living space, with grey sofa and large windows looking out on to a wood

Design Build Ideas

Large wall boards are a great way to bring your sketch or painting collection into your living space. Pale green wall with desk space containing terrariums

Free Sharing

Pretty glass dishes and dome covered stands are perfect for displaying all manner of things that you prize. Coffee mugs hung from a metal rail in the kitchen

Gimme Some Oven

Give your collection of coffee mugs pride of place in your kitchen with a simple, yet effective, hanging system. A glass fish bowl filled with shells

By Stephanie Lynn

Sea-shells can look stylishly chic displayed in a clear glass bowl. A series of different shaped globes sitting on a coffee table

The Interior Collective

Grouping objects is a great way to display them – remember the 'rule' that odd numbers always look better than even numbers. Find quirky items, such as an old face-fire screen to display smaller objects successfully. Cream trellis with postcards and flowers hung on it

House To Home

Simple pin boards or boards with crossed tapes are easy to make and ideal for displaying old postcards. A red clog used as a plant pot for a green leafy plant

O Garden My Garden

On odd (I know I said only use even numbers, but there's always the exception to the rule!) clog or fancy shoe is a whimsical place to pop a plant. Air plants are good if you don't want to run the risk of your display object being accidentally spoilt by water. A number of different hats hung on a rope in a white room

Apartment Apothecary

A vertical row of hats makes a wonderful display for a hallway. Different sized and shaped mirrors hung in a light grey bathroom above a white bathtub

Decorator's Notebook

A display of vintage mirrors is perfect for dark corners or even the bathroom. An ornate cream oval frame with no mirror or picture, but instead jewellery is hung inside it on rows of doily material

Home Edit

An old picture frame with old lace strung across horizontally makes a stylish place to show-off your earrings. Green shelves containing lots of different tea pots

Tidbits and Twine

Sometimes shelves really are the best option for displaying crockery, ceramics and teapots. Different animal themed weather vanes hung on a white living room wall, including cockerel, horse, pig and cow


Make a wall feature of metal objects – this style of display works well for just about anything – including the new(ish) trend for trophy displays (head of animals such as stags) which was so popular during the Victorian era.

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