Inexpensive lighting adds lush to your home

A great way to add a lush look to your home is to use inexpensive lighting that packs a visual punch and makes a statement. There's a wide and varied choice of cheap lighting, and with a little imagination and inspiration you can get the look in your home. White wooden furniture in a concrete floor dining room

Home Design Love

Use a variety of different shaped shades to give a fabulous look in place of spot-lights. Round white lampshade below head height, suspended over a round wooden table

DIY Network

A single pendant light can make a statement, hang it low for the best effects. White paper lanterns, one like flowers and the other bobbled


Add a lush look to bedrooms by using two circular paper shades that you've pimped up with pompoms and flowers. Voile bed canopy and fairy lights over a bed

Interl Decor

Give a bedroom a lush, dreamy look by using a string of garland lights draped to follow the contours of a soft, lightweight voile over-the bed curtain. Under shelf lighting that are designed to looks like cups and saucers

Design Sense Lighting

A funky lamp inside a giant glass bulb on a desk

Ali Express

Go for the unusual or up-cycled, be careful not to fall into the tacky hand-made look. Lots of light heads covering a white wall in a classy living space

DIY Home Decor

Use coloured spot-lights on randomly placed on a main wall. Use colour which compliment your decorating palette to achieve a stylish and harmonious look.

Natural light is free so use it in abundance! Let light flood into your rooms whenever possible, use reflective surfaces which lets the light bounce around the room to create a stunning style. White, light and fresh living room with a large curving metal floor lamp

Swope Swope

A single statement floor lamp can effectively add a designer look to a living room.

Chandeliers are on-trend, but they can be expensive. Make your own using plain, exposed light-bulbs. Cream and beige dining room with wooden tables and hanging candle chandelier

Suz Store

Candles are cheap and a great way to make a lush light for living or dining areas.

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