I’ve always liked Industrial interior style; it appeals to my inner lazy. The idea that I can work with cracked plaster and concrete and make it look chic just seems such a brilliant alternative to meticulous plastering and painting! After seeing photos of the London warehouse apartment and home of Fiona Leahy, I was inspired to have a further look into the industrial trend and find some more interior inspirations. We’re thinking white wash, raw materials and cool accessories. I love the super easy idea of creating the illusion of picture frames by painting and drawing various frame like shapes on the wall, and then placing your photos inside this shape, no nails needed! Now this room demonstrates how accessories really make a room. The letters on the wall give it a ‘studio’ feel, while the new clean cut sofa and soft cushions contrast with the repurposed wood and metal table. Another great way of making you place look more industrial is by using raw materials, for example this table has been created from just using a solid piece of tree trunk, and gives a natural organic shape within the very angular room layout. The use of wood is a common feature within industrial design, and it contrasts so well with the harsh grey concrete of the floor. This partition wall has been built using wood and the linear effect gives the room a feeling of height, adding to the warehouse type feel. This study had been created using concrete as a key material within the design.  The fur rug contrasts with the room by giving a soft organic element to this otherwise very geometric room design. I love the architectural quality of the chair! If going the whole way with industrial is just a little too harsh for your taste, you can easily soften if up with some accessories. Bringing in some fur throws and cushions gives the element of comfort that you want form your living space whilst choosing natural looking materials links in well with the raw industrial nature of this style, making it feel much more inviting.

Now if you’re thinking “I love the style, but I don’t have a warehouse sized lounge to play with!” never fear,  you don’t always need roughly plastered walls and well worn flooring to create an industrial feel; you can do it using well chosen accessories. For example this formed wire mesh chair and stainless steel lamp create the feel of industrial within an otherwise ordinary room interior. Throw in the aged wood coffee table and some well chosen wall art and you’re all set!

Now you’ve got the inspiration, why not consider how you could bring in some industrial chic into your home?