In Defence of Fluorescent lighting...

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Over the years fluorescent lighting has managed to pick up fairly unenviable reputation. Their rapid flickering was blamed for tiring the eyes and giving office workers painful headaches. If not bothering the nine to five gang in the form of nasty strip lighting, their after hours image was synonymous with seedy bars and garish casinos. Recently however, fluorescent lighting has quietly and without fuss undergone quiet a transformation- it is the reformed character of the lighting world and it is high time somebody put a good word in on its behalf!

Fluorescent lamps have three important advantages over other lamps. Firstly, they produce cool light- they don't produce heat. Secondly, they are long-lasting- burning for up to ten times as long as incandescent lamps. Thirdly, they are much more cost-effective because they produce three to four times as much light for each unit of electricity.

They also have a broad range of area specific uses that normal lighting cannot cater for. Some of these uses include:

Black Lights - Traditionally popular amongst students and in dance clubs due to their otherworldly feel (black lights give white light a purple colour), their unusual qualities are now being put to good use by interior designers at the forefront of modern home design. Sun Lamps - These lights are used for tanning. There is controversy regarding the health benefits or detriments of using sun lamps.

Plant Lamps - These lights are used to promote photosynthesis within plants, encouraging quicker growth.

Film - Special fluorescent lighting is used to protect film as it is being developed.

Outdoor Lighting - Many cities use fluorescent lighting for outdoor lighting as do lots of homeowners for their gardens. Fluorescent lights are popular for landscaping, floodlights and other lighting, both at residences and on prominent public buildings as they can create really dramatic, sharp edged focus and create excellent shadow-play.

Gallery Lighting- Used to illuminate wall art and sculptures they allow lots of detail to be seen.

Hospital Surgeries- When performing open heart surgery, it’s quite a bonus to be able to see what you are doing. Fluorescent lighting shows up even the minutest details.

After years of technical advancement, fluorescent lighting is also now widely available in many forms of beautiful, decorative lighting, completely unrecognizable from the long tubes we are so familiar with. Such is the demand for these fantastic new varieties that many companies now specialise in the manufacture and delivery of fluorescent lights alone. Amongst the better ones online are:

American Fluorescent- an awarding company which offers products for both home and commercial use. They specialize in lighting for bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways which is technologically advanced and individually designed.

Brodwax Lighting- a top end company that specializes in energy efficient lighting products and specializes in kitchen lighting for the home.

Sea Gull Lighting- provides highly evolved fluorescent lighting, including decorative sconces, table lamps and other beautiful fittings for the home. This company produces intriguing and decorative pieces that can be used throughout the entire home.


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