Today is log cabin day, so we've assembled some amazing interior design ideas for log cabins – don't worry if you haven't got an actual log cabin you can still use the rustic retreat theme to create a stunning natural look for your home.


The use of wooden is predominant in log cabins. It's used as cladding for walls, ceilings and flooring.

Standout Cabin Designs

Stonework fireplaces are another feature typically found in log cabins of all shapes and sizes.


Modern log cabins are awesome retreats that offer all the home-from-home comforts of luxury living.

Minimalist Interior Design

Give your bathroom a log cabin look that oozes chic style.


There's nothing twee about this stunning, modern log cabin.

Cabins R Us

Chunky trunks make a great alternative to capture a modern look.


A sturdy wooden bed looks fabulous in log cabin styled homes.

In Habitat

A portable log cabin makes a great get-away retreat.


Get a modern Quaker look by using wood and more wood in the lounge diner.

Home Decor Plan

A rustic look is hard to beat in any style of log cabin.

All Season Home Improvement

Using light coloured wood will give a more spacious and airy look.

S Fall Stars

Strapped for cash? No problem, transform your garden shed into your own little one room log cabin!

Attic Mag

Give your log cabin a designer look by using lots of brightly coloured accessories – they'll add a new dimension and texture.

Best Home Design

Another portable log cabin – close the windows and this one looks like a neatly stacked pile of logs!

Swifts Orchids

Exposed beams are a hallmark of the log cabin interior design style.