Illuminate your summer nights

The warmer weather won't be long coming, so prepare your garden and outside area to be drenched in summer lights that add a magical twinkle to outdoor living. Funky summer garden lights that look like tree trunks with glowing tops in different colours

Home Ideas Design

These awesome log stool seat have built-in coloured lighting. Glowing garden plant pot lighting

Home Ideas Design

Large flower pot lights work on solar power and can be placed anywhere in the garden or on the patio.

Give an eerie glow to your garden with Wild Grass solar lights. Fairy light balls hung from a garden tree at dusk

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Dress your trees with balls of string lights for a magical look that reminds you of warm, balmy evenings. DIY candle holders made from old tin cans painted green and turquoise

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Get creative and up-cycle used tin cans by punching hole patterns, they're ideal for tea-light holders and can hung or stood on the ground. Outdoor seating area and fire feature on the table top, illuminated with bright blue lights under all of the chairs

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Go high tech and have neons installed under your patio furniture. A smooth continuous light meandering around a bricked grass border


Illuminate the edge of a path or round flowers bed edges for an effective minimalistic approach. Glass jar candle holders


Candles in various mason jars or holders can be part of your outdoor decorating motif and shed light in specific areas. Purple


Create a magical garden with flower string lights. Place them in and around your flower beds or suspend them from trees to get the effect. Unusual carved wooden chairs and table with striped dark brown and cream design

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A LED light patio set will give your outdoor living area cool, contemporary style. An outdoor elephant ornament with a solar powered turquoise ambient light


Use solar garden ornaments to create ambient lighting and cast magical shadow patterns. Outdoor chandelier hung from a tree at night time

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Go posh and hang chandeliers from the trees.

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