The warmer weather won't be long coming, so prepare your garden and outside area to be drenched in summer lights that add a magical twinkle to outdoor living. judson-beaumont-1

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These awesome log stool seat have built-in coloured lighting. garden-lighting

Home Ideas Design

Large flower pot lights work on solar power and can be placed anywhere in the garden or on the patio. Wild-Grass-Solar-Garden-Lights.-3-LED-Lights-400x243

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Give an eerie glow to your garden with Wild Grass solar lights. 28-outdoor-lighting-diys-to-brighten-up-your-summ-1-17144-1403814590-0_big

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Dress your trees with balls of string lights for a magical look that reminds you of warm, balmy evenings. o-OUTDOOR-LIGHTING-IDEAS-570

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Get creative and up-cycle used tin cans by punching hole patterns, they're ideal for tea-light holders and can hung or stood on the ground. llll

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Go high tech and have neons installed under your patio furniture. 27135954493f4ef6ad6d81c3c2591dbe


Illuminate the edge of a path or round flowers bed edges for an effective minimalistic approach. summer-decoration-outdoor-lighting-candles-sand-lanterns


Candles in various mason jars or holders can be part of your outdoor decorating motif and shed light in specific areas. outdoor-lighting-purple-flower-string-lights-patio-decor-wedding-party-decorating-ideas


Create a magical garden with flower string lights. Place them in and around your flower beds or suspend them from trees to get the effect. 9-unusual-designs-use-led-lights

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A LED light patio set will give your outdoor living area cool, contemporary style. solar-elephant-1


Use solar garden ornaments to create ambient lighting and cast magical shadow patterns. OUTDOOR-CHANDELIER

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Go posh and hang chandeliers from the trees.

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