Igniting your imagination 7: movies

In the last post of this miniseries were going to have a look at a themed room, this particular interior design style is certainly not the faint hearted! However, if you are an avid movie fan, Trekkie, Star Wars or any other movie character, having a room dedicated to your 'hero' makes a very unique home. Of course you can choose which ever theme you like but it get a room looking chic and stylish rather than just full of posters you need to do some careful planning.

This sort of design is not in any way similar to a child's bedroom, I make this point purely because of the thought in preparation you will need to do. If you're going to try and replicate your superhero's way of life so to speak then you need to get the details right. A James Bond themed room needs to incorporate the latest gizmos and gadgets and still remain functional. Suave sophistication is the key, black leather couches and matching cushions are a must along with furniture and furnishings either inspired by the decade in which the film was made or the film itself. Having wall decorations with your favourite James Bond will be the focal point of the room.

Oversized wall art which fills a complete wall is ideal. You also need to remember that basically it's a film set that you're designing, and whilst the cost will have to be taken into consideration you can still achieve a fabulous look by reupholstering period furniture using wholesale fabric to help reduce the costs. Another way to get the look without it costing a fortune is to use ready made blinds or wooden blinds to coordinate with the other fixtures and fittings within the room. This particular theme is great for bachelor pads all those without children – as no James Bond would have kids running around wrecking his reputation of being a ladies man!

Of course you don't have to do James Bond, you just need to ignite your imagination to create an interior design style which is unique and definitely bespoke. It's also a good idea when creating the sort of rooms to remember the old adage that 'less is more', as mentioned earlier this is not merely an excuse to gather lots of memorabilia but to adopt a completely different interior design style and mindset.

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