Igniting your imagination 6: wall decorations

In today's post were going to use a wall decorations and how they can transform any room in your home by creating a focal point. Whether you prefer to buy wall art or make your own is a matter of personal choice. However, today there are so many inexpensive wall decorations on the market if you don't have the ability or the inclination to create your own there are plenty to choose from to suit all styles of homes and décors.

As one of this year's trends is the use of floral and large flower blooms these make the ideal wall decorations in lounges, dining rooms and bedrooms. Many come in three parts, where you simply leave a small gap between each when hanging on the wall. This type of wall art is ideal for smaller rooms as it gives the illusion of one large print without being too overpowering.

Wall decorations are also a great way to change the look and feel of your room without having a complete makeover. You can choose the colours and images which complements your existing interior design style and décor or you can add something new and vibrant to lift a dull and boring room and give it a new lease of life! The ideal thing would be to choose a bold free-form art piece and from there you can pick out the main colours to use as the accessories in your room.

For example, in the lounge if you picked a bold print with exciting colours, you could then simply choose one of the main colours as your accent. Let's say you're new wall art as a predominance of red then red curtains, cushions and throws would bring the room together stylishly. Likewise in the bedroom you could team your wall art with colours from your duvet covers sets or even the colour of your headboard to make a real impact and give the room a harmonious and balanced look.

If you don't like the thought of florals, let's be honest are not everybody's choice, they are plenty of abstract wall decorations, you don't even have to choose a print, you could opt for a tribal mask or even a highly patterned rug to decorate your walls. If you choose a rug you can hang this by using small diameter curtain poles, you may have to stitch over a hem at the top in which to slide the curtain pole, and then use strong cord tied to each end of the pole to give you a loop from which you can hang the rug. It may also be necessary to use a curtain pole at the bottom to give a little weight to help the rug hang correctly. Ignite your imagination and try something new to perk up your home!

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