Igniting your imagination 5: stand out from the crowd

Contemporary modern interior designs focuses on creating a clean, chic look which has its own individuality; but how do you achieve this look in your own home and on a limited budget? The first thing to consider is furniture and its placement with the room. Contemporary design has no room for fussy bits and pieces, everything has to be relevant to the room and usable otherwise it will be considered as taking up valuable space. Display objects are also kept to a bear minimum; again with functionality in mind. In living rooms the flat screen plasma television along with the latest surround sound systems take centre stage, with furniture arranged so that a cosy, homely look and feel is achieved.

Colours are pure and typically white or a neutral shade with the merest hint of colour. However, too much plainness can make a room look sterile and very clinical. The key here is to pick one bright accent colour and only use it once. Such as bright orange red curtains. These must be plain and hang in natural wave effect pleats. To keep the clean lines each curtain has to be precisely measured to just be hung from discreet curtain rails which are situated as near to the junction between the ceiling and wall as possible and be full length to touch the floor. This interior design style won't look 'right' if your curtains are a couple of inches away from the floor and neither should they be too long as they will not hang correctly.

This style of curtains will also help A further injection of colour can be used to enhance the window area with a foliage style plant – preferably real as silk or artificial flowers typically look cheap and tacky! However, you'll need to get the colour within the same hue as the curtains to make a real impact. Keep wall decorations to a minimum – just one strategically placed piece of wall art or family photograph is all that is needed. Use a black frame to coordinate with the television.

Clear glass or trendy perspex is ideal for coffee tables and side units as these won't detract from the colour scheme in any way. They must be kept clear of clutter – contemporary living holds no place for those who like to strew their belongings everywhere or those who have 'collections' of knick-knacks – as these are also seen as nothing more than dust collectors and serve no real purpose.

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