Igniting your imagination 4: be brave and design your own headboard!

Ultimately your interior design project should be extremely fun and in no way should you ever feel stressed about some of the braver decisions you make over your designs. When thinking of new interior design projects you may want to consider designing a headboard that matches perfectly with your bedroom curtains.

Fortunately for those who do not have a lot of experience with interior design or DIY, designing a headboard is actually surprisingly easy. Remember, interior design is a fun activity so do not be afraid to take some brave steps. If you are really unsure about the design of your headboard and the contrasting colours for the bedroom curtains and the headboard, simply paint these two colours onto card and stick them together.

This will give you a head start and the confidence you need to move forward and create that brilliant contrast between the headboard and the curtains. Ask for material samples from a wholesale fabric store or retailers who sell curtain fabrics online; they'll be more than happy to send swatches for you to make your colour choices, design and patterns from. Probably the easiest method is to recover ply-wood or MDF.

Simply cut the shape you want and cover it with the fabric or material of your choice and staple in place on the reverse side. If you want to add some padding you can use a roll of lightweight padding and either staple or glue this onto the shaped board before covering with material. To get a professional look pay close attention to folding any corners and stretching the material taut so that it doesn't sag- be careful not to pull on lightweight fabrics too much as you could distort the pattern and even rip the fabric.

To further improve your headboard add embellishments such as sequins, faux jewels, flowers – any thing that compliments the style and colour of your bedroom. Remember the 'less is more' rule otherwise you could end up making your headboard look cheap and tacky!

Other on-trend headboards are those which are an illusion – basically these are wall decorations which have been painted directly onto the wall, there's no actual headboard at all! As already mentioned, this form of interior design allows you to be as creative as you possibly can, so do not be afraid to take brave steps or even make mistakes along the way!

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