Igniting your imagination 3: designing a games room

If you are thinking of adding a games room to your house this can be a fantastic and exciting addition to any home, for the very reason that it will create an environment that is fun and enjoyable to be in. Whether it is for the use of you and your family or you and your friends, a games room can become an integral part of your home. But you will have to consider exactly what you want in your game room.

When it comes to designing the right game room in your house it might be a little bit difficult because of the many options that you will have in deciding how you are going to go about it. But rest assured any effort you put into this will be worth it in the end! First it is very important to decide on the games that you actually want in your games room. If, for example, you are only going to have a sofa and a television where you are only going to play video games, then you will not have to give much consideration to an overall intricate design plan.

You can more or less just move the sofa and any video console you have. But if your plans are more ambitious, for example you want to put in a ping-pong table this might require some more planning! Likewise if you're thinking about putting in a pool table you will definitely need to plan ahead. A pool table can provide hours of countless fun and entertainment but you will have to make sure you have adequate room to enable you and other users can use the table to its full potential.

By the very nature of the games room the decoration will need to be simple and perfunctory, therefore you will not need to go to the added expense of decorating this room as you might do a room such as your lounge or dining room, just keep things very simple. A blackout curtain is a good idea especially if the room is being used to play video games during the day time. In most cases a games room will benefit from having a floor which is either a hardwood or laminate flooring.

To provide a touch of warmth to the room add a couple of rugs direct from an online discount store, in doing this it may well provide for a quieter area of the game room, where ever you place your rugs it might be an idea to have a sofa or a couple of chairs in that area. Let's say for example you have a football table in your game room, and after a particularly frantic game, you might need an area to sit down and relax in! Adding cheap cushions and throws to an old sofa is a great way to give it new lease of life without having to buy new.

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