Igniting Your Imagination 2: Using Basic Interior Design Principles

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

If you are considering a makeover or remodelling project you might like to bear in mind that there are three main areas of any room that you intend to redecorate. Firstly you have to consider that walls, secondly pay close attention to the type of furniture you place in a room, and thirdly what you will do with the floors. If you are after a calm, cool and relaxing space, you might like to think about a gentle blue, very light in colour, or you could perhaps go for a two tone colour scheme and highlight different aspects of your walls.

If you are not sure what exact colours you need, it is an idea to buy a small sample pot of the colour you like, and paint about a meter square on one of your walls. Leave it there for a day or two, and see how you feel about that colour being in your room. If you like the colour you could use it as an accent for ready made blinds or curtains and drapes rather than for the walls. Flooring is one of the concerns when you are designing the interior of a room.

Again it is mindful to remember what type of wear and tear the room is likely to undergo, to whether you install a wood flooring, or if you want to lay down carpeting. Laminate floorings and wood floorings have been the trend for some years now, and whilst they are practical and easy to keep clean, they can give of a slight cold feeling. However, if you put some rugs down, say for example zebra rugs, you will find that your room will seem that more cosy.

Choose rugs direct from online fabric stores to save money and help to colour coordinate with your window dressing. The third thing you will have to take into consideration is your furniture. Does your existing furniture go with what you have in mind for the interior design of your room? Maybe you have chosen to go for a very modern and contemporary look, so maybe you will be after some modern furniture, to create that overall finish.

Think about a stylish modern sofa in white leather, with a faux zebra skin rug in front of it, and perhaps this will bring to mind what you are looking for. If you are redesigning your dining room, then there is some excellent dining furniture on the market these days that will really add a touch of class to any room.

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