Igniting your imagination 1: creative flair

The world of interior design these days is big business, you will often have seen many a TV program that features makeovers, normally to a room but sometimes the whole house. Interior designers have to be very creative and have a flair for the utilisation of space, sometimes in very difficult situations, such as small spaces. With the different types of housing that is being built today, interior designers are being consulted more and more, their creative talents are sought after.

If you ask an interior designer into your home, they will look at the amount of space available in the room, look at the lighting, the colour scheme you have and look at the balance between the colours of the walls and your furniture. If you have the time and patience, perhaps designing the interior of one of your rooms is something you would like to have a go at. There are many things to consider designing a room, not only the theme, but how you are going to make that theme work.

There are many avenues for you to explore from going online and getting some interior design ideas, to browsing through the countless web pages that are devoted to interior design. But if you going to have a go at it yourself, you might like to keep in mind, the function of the room, the flow of the room and the focal point of the room. Depending on what type of room you want to makeover these considerations will have to be taken on board, as a living room will have different functions to that say of a dining room or office.

If we consider the focal point, maybe you have a large fireplace, so maybe you will want to place the furniture so that it is orientated towards the fireplace. Maybe you have a large and majestic bay window with impressive views and chic ready made blinds and you want that to be a focal point, whatever your focal point is, take a moment to think about it. Then there comes the flow of a room, can you and other people move about the room easily?

Make a note of where doors open and close, and keep the main route where people move free of large items of furniture, and avoid, as much as you can, cluttering the room; buying rugs direct from a fabric wholesalers is a cost effective way to help create a natural flow and route for people to follow. Look for quality ready made curtains UK, blinds and soft furnishings to help you create an interior design which embraces your creative flair!

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