Today we're going to jump straight in with ways to use tangerine tango (orange) in your living room. This bold colour is the ideal contrast to natural wood tones and creams in all styles of homes. If you don't fancy going all out and painting at least one wall tangerine then use your accessories, such as cheap cushions to bring the colour popping into your living room. Ready made curtains uk are another way to use the colour successfully without going overboard. Full length curtains will add height to a room and for contemporary interiors entire walls of glass can be given a softer look by using wall-to-wall curtaining. Remembering that natural wood has its own beautiful colours these can be used as a method of bringing a room balance and coordination. Honey pine and light oak are just two examples of how you can bring orangery hues into your living room. Maybe your curtain poles are wooden – if this is the case use their colour to blend with the deeper tones of tangerine. Add orange tiebacks to curtains or use orange sheer voile panels to bring contrast to the look of your windows. Your window dressing is also the place where you can introduce pattern and different textures if your room is lacking life and movement. Keep the orange flowing to create a warm and soothing atmosphere, alternatively use pops of vibrant orange via cheap cushions, throws and rugs to inject energy into a room which has become stale looking. You can also introduce orange into your living room via your accessories. The easiest being quite literally a bowl of tangerines on your coffee table! Alternatives could include orange coloured picture frames, fresh flowers with orange as the base colour, even orange coloured vases and lampshades will be ideal. If you are unsure which shade of tangerine orange will work best in your living room for your soft furnishings, ask for free fabric samples and swatches of material. Lay them out on your furniture and even your flooring to see how the colour looks at different heights and angles. It is also a good idea to do this at least twice – once in the natural light in your living room and the other during the evening when artificial lighting is being used. The different lighting can have a marked affect on how the colour radiates, or not, into your room.

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