If you feel a little sluggish in the mornings why not start your day off with an energising shower in an orange coloured bathroom. This punchy colour holds all the right tones when it comes to re-vitalising and re-energising, making an ideal colour to choose to re-vamp your bathroom and bring it bang up to-date! If all this orange seems a little bright and daunting you can also opt for orange accessories to bring this year's colour trend into your bathroom. Orange towels neatly folded can be the beginning along with orange toothbrush holders and soap dishes or dispensers. Alternatively you could look to your windows to bring in a splash of orange. While blinds are the favourite types of window dressing for bathrooms, the trend to return to curtains remains strong this year, especially if your bath isn't situated under the window. Full length ready made curtains uk – either patterned or plain, are a great way to bring a softer look to your windows. If you have the space let the curtains fall gracefully onto the floor to give a chic and refined look. If you have a blind and like the privacy and light control it provides you could always add orange voile curtains to soften the window casing edges. Although orange is an invigorating colour it is also a warm colour and will provide a soft glow in the evenings particularly if you lower the lights or use scented candles for a home spa style relaxation treatment. As we've already discussed this week orange and black make a winning colour combination. Dark wood or black painted mirror frames and vanity units are a great way to bring a cold and uninviting bathroom back to life. Purchasing rugs direct from online retailers will give you more choice of colours and while you may not find orange you will most certainly find black rugs to suit a bathroom. Include anti-slip matting so that you don't end up skating around the bathroom floor if it's wood, lino or tiled. Don't forget that the typical 3-piece bathroom mat sets are not in-vogue – whereas one largish bathroom rug is. Shower curtains in orange are another way that the colour can be brought into your bathroom. If you're going to use orange to accessorise your bathroom be careful that you find the right tones for each item – otherwise you may find that the chic bathroom you were hoping for turns into a mismatch of colours which looks a little amateurish.

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