As we all know children's bedrooms need to be updated on a fairly regular basis as they grow up and out of the certain phases in their life. This in itself can be a costly affair, however, there are a number of ways which your child's bedroom can be updated on a budget.

Starting from the top!

Ceilings are typically best painted white, unless you're opting for a specific theme. This is one room where central lighting is the best bet, if foe nothing more than a safety aspect. Once your child reaches an age where table lamps won't pose a potential safety risk these can be added. Rather than have a single light-bulb style of lighting a row of spot lights will give a trendy look.

Which colour for walls?

This is were your negotiation skills will be tested! Try and compromise, bright and vibrant colours are a great idea to give a more mature look, especially if you opt for the latest candy floss pinks, electric blues, zesty lime greens, post box red or sharp orange. If the room is small choose one bright colour as the accent and paint the other three a more neutral tones.

Finding flooring:

Choose a flooring which is child resistant, such as laminate flooring or stripped floor boards, this will make any accidental spills easier to clear up without leaving a nasty stain!

Wacky windows:

Make the most of windows by choosing childrens curtains which are practical as well as funky. Big, bold prints are on trend and offer an up to the minute look. You should also consider using black out curtains, these are not only ideal for young children they will also please the most discerning young teenager as the morning sunlight won't disturb their much needed sleep! It's also worth remembering that this months 'must have' may be next months 'loathe' so rather than investing in the most expensive, opt for curtain fabrics which offer best value for money.


This should be left down to the choices of your child, to make their room their special place they should have as much input as possible. Coordinate duvet covers with curtains for a stylish and well balanced look. Plain duvet covers will be ideal and again be longer lasting, however if your child insists on the latest super-hero or Barbie go with it to save a lot of heart ache!

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