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How to spring clean without it being a chore

It's that time of year again! With sunny days, less biting winds and a little less rain, we can throw our windows open and blow away the cobwebs of winter -yes, it's Spring cleaning time. Before you moan and sink into deep despair we have some great tips on how to spring clean without it being a chore.

Start with a planSpring cleaning checklist

Amy Lorraine

Having a plan is a must if you're going to get your cleaning done without it taking weeks! It doesn't have to be complex or complicated!

Use the correct productsCleaning products, sponges and dish washer or washing machine tablets

Economic Freedom

Using the right products for the job in hand will make things a whole lot easier.

Start from the top and work downCleaning lady in large high ceiling living room

Octo Clean

Why spend hours cleaning the floor to have dirt and grime fall onto it when you clean higher things in the room! Think logically and work from the top down, it will save time and exasperation.

Damp dustHand wiping dining table

Referral Carpet Care

Blasting every surface with spray cleaner will simply blow the dust into the air, which means it will settle back onto the surfaces within a short space of time. Damp dusting is the answer. If you're going to use a spray polish, spray it onto your cloth rather than the surface.

Empty the hoover before you startVacuum cleaning opened with someone looking inside for issues

Khmere Lite

Trying to hoover when the bag or cylinder id already full means less suction; so, empty the bag before you start.

Clean the windowswindow being cleaning with a blue cloth

Cascade Window Cleaning

Cleaning the windows inside and out will make your rooms look much lighter and brighter.

DelegateFamily of three with a boy, cleaning  a dining room together

Halton Parents Blog

Don't try and do all the spring cleaning on your own; delegate jobs to partners and children (if you have any!).

Speed clean Speed cleaning graphic, with spray bottle pointed at the camera

Living Well Spending Less

Learn to speed clean – it will make the whole spring cleaning workload much lighter!

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