How to re-vamp your living room on a small budget

This week we thought we'd share some interior designs with you, looking a ways to re-vamp your home without having to spend a fortune. We start with the living room, which for many of us is the heart of our home. Colour as we know is most important when creating a new look and as we're on a small budget white is the least expensive and allows you to add colour via soft furnishings and accessories. If you do opt for white make sure that your living room doesn’t become too clinical and hostile by injecting accent colours from the floor up.

Large rugs are ideal additions to any living area and are a cost effective method of bringing both colour and texture to a room. Living room rugs are usually placed under coffee tables which of course are near your sofa and chairs. All white walls can look blank and boring, so use wall art to add interest and colour. Making a feature wall is a good idea, especially if you have a fireplace and chimney breast. This can also be the wall were you add pattern as well as colour. Moving on to your windows and more importantly the way you dress them.

As the natural light enters the room from the windows (stating the obvious!) you eyes are automatically drawn to the light source when you enter the room. Which means that your window dressing has to chic and stylish. Nothing lets a living room down more than curtains or blinds which aren't in keeping with the rest of the room. If privacy is an issue vertical blinds are a great idea which is also economical. White curtains (our range of white Nova curtains are an excellent choice for living rooms) will of course keep with the white colour scheme, while coloured curtains (the same as your accent colour) will help to marry the other soft furnishings and accessories together without any fuss or hassle.

Keeping things simple is the most budget friendly way to re-vamp your living room, having said that simple doesn't mean boring or lacking personality and character. Try not to go overboard with accessories otherwise you run the risk of the room looking cluttered and claustrophobic, instead pick a few that have significance to you, if they're also your accent colour all the better! Cheap cushions, throws and table lamps are ideal candidates for being replaced to bring a fresh new look to your living room.

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