How to re-vamp your kid's room on a small budget

Getting bedroom décor for kid's rooms can be somewhat of a challenge to put it mildly! Anyone with children will tell you that as fast as you decorate a room to their liking, the chances of them wanting something different a few months later is reality. In today's world of peer pressure you're made to feel that you're letting your child down if they don't have the latest trends and styles just like their mates. So, in many ways it can feel a little like the Forth Bridge – as you finish the room it's time to start all over again!

As we know this can work out to be a very costly business, so, in our last post in this mini-series on 're-vamping your home on a small budget' we conclude by sharing interior design ideas with you for kid's rooms. So that you don't have redecorate from top to bottom every time your child changes their mind about the style or theme of their bedroom it's wise to stick with plain white or off-white walls. The theme of the room and colour can then be put into place by using bedding, curtains and large rugs.

Always allow for plenty of storage space and open shelving for books and items your child wished to display. It's a good idea to have a bed in a bag handy for when friends come to stay. They don't take up much room and can be stowed away until they're needed. Large floor cushions or beanbags are also an inexpensive way to include seating and chill out areas within the room. Curtains, preferably with a blackout lining, are ideal for small children and as they grow older the latest blinds can be introduced as well if needs be – cheap blinds are a good investment and again if you choose neutral colours you won't need to keep replacing them.

If you kid's room is in your attic blackout skylight blinds are the only real window dressing option. Velux have a range which not only block out light but also help to reduce heat build-up in the summer. One thing to remember is that your child should be involved in choosing the colour scheme and theme of their room – they'll know exactly what they want (because their friends already have it!). Leave choices of accessories to your child and then you won't be picking the wrong things, more importantly allowing your child to make choices is a great way to instil confidence and help to enhance their decision making skills.

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