How to re-vamp your dining room on a small budget

Nowadays you don't have to have an expensive dining room tables, chairs and matching sideboard to achieve a stunning dining room. In fact, miss-matched furniture is bang on-trend and enables everyone to create a unique dining room look to suit their budget no matter how small. The important thing is to be seen with a dining room rather than slumming it in-front of the telly! With the term 'the new going out is staying in', reflects the current economic climate to a T. No longer do you have to be seen eating in the latest bistro or expensive restaurant as the trendy thing to do is entertain at home.

If you need to re-paint an old table then do so, either that or use modern table cloths and table linen to give a restaurant touch. Miss-matched chairs are also very acceptable, paint them all the same colour or use curtain fabrics to make seat cushions or slip covers. Relaxed, informal and casual is the trend and with that goes all the usual formalities right out of the metaphorical window, giving you the opportunity to let your creative flair shine through – especially if your cooking isn't up to much, you guests can enjoy the fabulous décor and soft furnishings instead!

Give your dining room floor a boost by using large rugs, these will also give creature comforts to you and your guests feet. Deep piled rugs are ideal for wriggling your toes into, and if you chose rugs which are easy clean it won't matter if there are any accidental spills. Use full length curtains to add a touch of refinement and luxury even to the most informal settings. White curtains are ideal for an all white colour scheme or choose curtains to compliment your accent colour, such as green, teal or red.

If you use a bold accent colour the décor of the room will look stronger and intimate that it cost more than in reality! Keep accessories to a minimum and choose them wisely, it's a good idea to use accessories which are relevant to eating and dining, for example quirky salt and pepper sets, or use various sizes of glass bottles to display single stems of season flowers. You don't have to spend a lot of money to achieve a new look in your dining room, more especially if your choice of colours shows that you have exquisite taste and interior design style.

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