How to re-vamp your bathroom on a small budget

Just because you have a small budget doesn't mean to say that you have a small bathroom! Although regularly referred to as the smallest room in the house, as for many homes it is, keeping your bathroom up to-date isn't an expensive job unless you replace the fixtures and fittings (bath, shower, hand basin etc.)

Purple bathroom with hints of cream and a white bathtub

Probably the easiest way to re-vamp a bathroom is to choose a new on-trend colour. All white bathrooms are still popular and are a great way of making the room look larger, however, you should embrace the size of your bathroom and add a new colour to give it a boost, dragging it from bland and boring into a place where you can relax and unwind.

Why not for one of this year's on-trend colours of deep lilac. This dramatic colour can be enticingly feminine with a leaning towards masculinity due to the depth of colour – in other words giving you the ideal bathroom colour. It's probably best to just use two colours, especially if your bathroom is small, otherwise it can look overwhelming and feel claustrophobic.

If you stick with white fixtures you'll be able to give your bathroom a lick of paint whenever you tire of the colour! White vertical blinds are the perfect window dressing and will also give a soft look to your windows, while maximising the size and allowing plenty of light to enter the room. If you fit the blinds to the outside of the window casing you'll also be able to use the window sill for displaying accessories in deep lilac to bring the colour scheme together. For bathrooms with skylights there's a great range of Velux roof blinds which are either roller or Venetian - both giving you plenty of natural light. Don't forget to add creature comforts to give the luxury look.

Even though you budget is small large rugs (faux sheepskin for example) will add opulence to the room. Faux sheepskin rugs are made from acrylic fibres so they are able to get wet without any hassle. Matching white and lilac towels (the big fluffy ones) will also add to the overall look and style of the room. Remember the 'less is more' rule – an absolute must for small bathrooms, and keep all clutter out of sight and under control. With such an easy makeover you could be relaxing in a hot bath full of bubbles in no time at all and reflect on how little you've spent to achieve such a great look! A little self indulgence never does any harm!

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