We are going to be taking a look at how you can use pattern when redecorating your home or adding improvements. It might be that you have seen something in a public space that made you have a second glance - pattern can be very eye-catching and interesting when used thoughtfully. There has never been a time when pattern and prints were celebrated so much as now - everyone loves to make a statement and there is no better place in your very own space! Sometimes, a chosen pattern can really set the overall style of a room for example, floral prints enhance femininity and romance. The Rules Of Using Pattern
  • Try to coordinate pattern with the use of colour in any given room. If you are using different prints for example, try to keep them along the same colour scheme. On the other hand if want to use the same pattern in various pieces then try to experiment more with colours that are complimentary or harmonious.
  • Don't go overboard with pattern as it can create unbalance and confusion, the end result leading to a feeling of unrest as opposed to having a room that is welcoming. You might want to think about having patterned wallpaper and smoothing it out by keeping furnitures and fabrics neutral and without pattern. The alternative method is to have block colour on the walls and choosing a patterned sofa or accessories such as ready made curtains or cushions.
Types Of Patterns To Consider
  • Motifs are often a pattern that is repeated and can be anything from butterflies, cupids to cats, shells or guitars - there is no end to the possibilities of motif pattern. It might not even be an obvious print and could be abstract. Examples could also include the use of cartoon characters in childrens curtains and bedding.
  • Floral patterns are a timeless classic and can come in a variety of colours and designs. Rose bedding for a romantic touch in the bedroom or curtain fabrics with a floral pattern can bring life into any room of the home. Floral prints can also include leaf designs and in any case, they bring the outdoors in and offer a soft and feminine feel. Combine floral prints with other prints in the same colour or in the same tonal range - gingham or stripes can compliment the floral look really well.
  • Finally, geometric patterns include stripes, diamonds, polka-dots, checks and other shapes with symmetry. Using geometric patterns can aid in making rooms appear longer or larger - especially when using stripes. A good example would be using vertically striped wallpaper for attic rooms with low ceilings.
Patterns add dimension and along with colour choice, they can really turn a house into a home - employing your own personal tastes and style. If you are concerned about being too bold with patterns, then simply add it in slowly - with a few cushions for the sofa or in bedding.