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How to part 3 – how to fit roller blinds

There will always be a first time for everything and sometimes you will need guidance to get the best results. That is why we have a collection of how to guides to help you with your home decorating. This time we are taking on the task of fitting roller blinds - an easy task to accomplish we should add.

This involves the use of a screwdriver - so if you don't feel confident, ask a friend or family member to help out. These type of blinds are the perfect choice for those who need low maintenance window treatments without losing out on a neat and stylish look.

Once you have bought your ready made blinds, give yourself a free afternoon to work on fitting them - it will only take a couple of hours from start to finish. It will help if you have had some experience with using a screwdriver so if you are worried on making an error, just ask someone to help who is handy with tools.

You won't need much for this project and if you have bought ready made blinds they tend to have the wall-plugs and screws included. Add to this a stepladder, the drill, measuring tape and a spirit level. We should just add that you will need to make some window measurements before you buy your blinds to make sure they fit - if in doubt buy a slightly larger width which can always be cut down to size.

Measure up from the window at 4-5cm in height. With the spirit level, draw a line along the width of the window with a pencil - the spirit level will clarify that you have a straight line. Find the centre of the window and make sure that with the next step you have an equal distance from the centre point on each side.

You will use the end brackets to find the appropriate position for the screws to be fixed into the wall - make a small mark with the pencil at each point. Before moving on, just check with the manual that came with the cheap roller blinds as the brackets will need to be fitted on the correct side of the window. Now you can proceed with drilling in the holes and filling them in with the wall plugs.

Screw in the wall brackets. Now you just have to build up the blind with the end plug and side control before placing between the brackets. This should be a good fit if you had done the measurements as suggested. Your roller blind is now into place - see that wasn't half as difficult as you first thought!

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