Revamp your living room with a cool, contemporary theme. Combine strong shapes with an injection of colour against a neutral background, to revitalise and refresh your lounge without spending a fortune. Seating: For an inviting, homely living space that the whole family can relax in, update your sofa by using throws and new cushions which pick out your accent colour. Add different textures within the fabrics to get an on-trend look. Faux cow hide, or leather adds contrast as well as tactile materials. Lighting: Creating the right atmosphere is everything and in a contemporary space it's important to get the right look and feel. Diffused lighting is ideal, so rather than use your central ceiling light dim the lights with use of table and floor lamps. Colours: Neutrals are great to open up a space to give a fresh new look however, without colour, the room may appear a little bland. Think about adding a injection of strong colour on a wall or chimney breast, to give extra dimension to the room. Flooring: If you have a lounge-diner unify the two areas with the same flooring throughout. A light, neutral colour will expand the floor space. If you think it looks too bland or need extra protection in high traffic areas choose a large rug with a different texture and colour to add interest. Windows: If your living room feels enclosed and dingy, think about trying something new for your window dressing. A combination of curtains and blinds is right on trend this year which will shed more light into the room. Try Roman blinds hung at different lengths to create a striking look which is practical and stylish, use with lightweight full length voile curtains to create a softer look. You could sweep these open and hold in place with beaded tie backs to give a chic and modern look. Hang curtains from metal curtain poles which have an end finial which compliments your colour scheme. You could also go for hand blown glass end finials which have lighting packs to highlight your windows with diffused lighting in the evenings. Accessories: In a neutral room, add colour through accessories, such as your cushions, throws and objects of interest. Remember to stay with the three colour 'rule' otherwise the room can look overcrowded and confusing.

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