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How to incorporate industrial interior design into your home

Industrial interior design is one of the most innovative styles still prevalent in 2020. Inspired by the old, industrial buildings of New York and London, it has a minimal feel but a maximum effect. Stripped-back floorboards, exposed brick walls and furnishings where structure meets function embody the industrial style. This aesthetic brings a taste of the city to your home through neat lines, metallic hues and striking pieces. Whether you couple a wooden table with metal chairs or metallic curtains, incorporate distressed kitchen surfaces, or revamp old tools, the industrial approach can be accomplished in numerous ways. With our guidance, you can begin your own design journey for a cutting-edge, industrial interior that everyone will envy!

  1. Go for a natural palette and plenty of textures
    One of the necessities of such a design is undoubtedly a rich colour palette that blends neutral browns, white and black. For instance, couple various tones of brown and tan to make the area feel comforting. Then, combine white features to give the room a fresh look. To top it off, add black accents to generate disparity and incorporate charisma. This can be achieved with our Blackout Ready Made Eyelet Curtains. Likewise, textures play a very vital role in the high-low mixture that is emblematic of industrial styles. Pop in a distressed leather chair to achieve texture, along with several brown hues.
  1. Open plan is a key element
    To really achieve that industrial feel, open plan is the way forward. If your home does not already have this type of space, perhaps consider joining two rooms together. For instance, the dining room and kitchen. This will establish a comparable effect.
  2. Lighting
    The variations of lights created over the years are endless. From durable pendant lamps to old factory light shades, such lamps continue to enhance industrial interiors. Pendant lamps create a classy atmosphere in your home, whilst also being extremely eye-catching. Or, if you like to get hands-on, why not make something yourself? Use an old iron bucket, get a light source, some cable, and make your own industrial-style pendant lamp! Not only are you helping the environment by reusing, but your home will also have a unique element.
  3. Practicality
    The industrial aesthetic embraces practicality over style; this is what makes it unique. When it comes to fittings, it requires features to be functional and simple. However, this does not mean you have to compromise on comfort. Sofas and chairs can still be comfy. Just remember to stick with cool, neutral colours without the ruffles of cushions and decorations. Introduce the Sorbonne Filled Cushion into your industrial sanctuary to complete the look.
  4. Metal furniture is the way forward
    Metal fittings are one of the main components when it comes to the industrial look. Plain, metal furniture is a fantastic way to bring the industrial atmosphere into any home. To achieve an authentic, vintage style, shop around at second-hand shops to find some pre-loved goodies. These can be incorporated into your industrial haven perfectly. Copper is preferred for a mysterious, rugged look. However, if you want something more artful, pewter works magnificently in opulent interiors. Metal does not only have to be used for furniture – you can use metallic fabrics to enhance the industrial feel. Think silver or charcoal curtains.
  5. Limit use of decorations
    Keep the use of accessories to a minimum. When sprucing up an industrial style home, surfaces must be mess-free and clean. For window dressings stick to plain fabrics – sharp, chic roman blinds in metallic hues work great. Look for fittings that honour rural times whilst still having an element of modernism. You could decorate with large, abstract wall art, metal shapes and repurposed objects. The general aesthetic of your industrial style home should be cool and masculine with exclusive touches.

With these tips and tricks, your pursuit for the industrial look should be just around the corner. However, if you do not know where to start, we recommend beginning with lighting. The industrial interior design style is a very popular one. Our prediction is that it will be around for a very long time as well. From the neutral colour palette to its fondness for distressed materials, this style will make your home cosy and welcoming. Plus, since this design prides itself on imperfections, this makes it one that can be easily recreated, even on a budget! So, are you ready to create your own industrial haven?

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