How to give a quick boost to your interior using fabrics

This week we're going to share some tips and hints on how to give a quick boost to your home using a variety of different easy techniques and soft furnishings. We begin with the use of fabrics as an effective way to breathe new life in any or all of your rooms. Sometimes the simplest ideas turn out to be the best, cushions covers in a new pattern and colour can easily change the look of a sofa and chairs. Include throws and cheap curtains in the mix and you'll soon have your living room taking on a new fresh look.

Choosing colours and patterns

Make big changes by choosing colours and patterns which are miles apart from what you already have. As Spring is just around the corner try pops of bright Spring colours such as pink, yellow, red or orange. In the bedrooms cheap duvet sets are an instant tonic to bland and boring décor. Again, try colours and designs that are not your usual choices to help you climb out of your 'colour rut' to see just how effective new colours and fabrics can be.

If you usually choose plain duvet covers try a pattern or opt for one of the year's soft-touch fabrics. If your kitchen is looking drab and forlorn new kitchen blinds can be used as the inspiration for your new colour scheme. Swap things around; for example if your window blind is plain go for one with a pattern. Also think about the fabric, faux suede or faux leather trim on blinds is a great way to introduce a new fabric to your kitchen.

Room choices and fabric types

If you like the effect you can then carry this forward into your dining area and change your window dressing and even your chairs in fabrics and colours to compliment your walls and flooring. These ideas as quick, so we're not talking about a complete redecoration project, however, if the bug bites you can start to think about redecorating a room completely.

Throughout this week we'll be offering more quick boosts, so if you bring them all together you'll find that you'd have redecorated without even realising it – we think it's a great way to tackle the chore of redecorating by adding changes and trying new things, especially during these difficult economic times when a full blown redecoration isn't within everyone's spending budget. Join us tomorrow when we'll be looking at using new colours to give an instant boost to your home.

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