How to give a quick boost to your interior by using new colours

Today we look at using new colours to add a new look to your rooms. As we said yesterday this isn't about complete redecoration projects, it's about using what you already have and building upon it. As we know colour plays a huge part in successful interior design, it can have a tremendous impact on your well-being and is an excellent place to look if your home is making you feel low.

For today's suggestions we take a look at how a simple additional colour can alter the look and dynamics of a room. The idea behind this is to show you how to give a quick boost to your rooms without having to rip things out and start again! In your lounge try adding cheap curtains with a slightly bolder pattern and colour than you are used to. It may take you out of your comfort zone but that's the point! Sometimes we can get stuck in an interior design rut as we;re convinced the style and colour is what we really like.

It's only when you push your boundaries that you'll notice the difference a new colour can make to the room and to your well-being. To emphasis the point think about home makeover programmes – the interior designers don't redecorate like-for-like, they make the rooms completely different and by the shocked looks and tears we see on the recipient's faces nine times out of ten people love what the see and comment on the marked differences.

If you've always had a fitted carpet in your bedroom and you really dislike it then rip it up and opt for stripped floorboards or laminate flooring – if this idea isn't within your budget try then next best thing and use large rugs in a new colour to cover most of your existing carpet. Once you see the difference it will hopefully give you the courage and impetus to save for new flooring.

You could also look at your accessories and other soft furnishings. For example if you have a black and white bedroom inject red, orange, green or blue via your soft furnishings. If you feel a little nervous about which new colour to add to the mix send off for free fabrics samples and lay them on top and next too your bedding, carpet etc. Once you see the differences in reality it is sometimes easier than trying to visualise them.

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