How to give a quick boost to your interior by mix & matching

We're not going to try and kid you that mixing and matching is a new interior design concept- it's been around for many years, however with this year's trends of austerity, up-cycling along with the use of texture it's easy to use all of these trends to improve and refresh the look of your home. In the living room you can simply mix and match cushions on sofas and chairs to get the look – however before you rush headlong into re-vamping your home there are a couple of suggestions that you may like to take on-board and consider.

To mix and match successfully you have to have balance and cohesion with the pieces connected in some way, typically via colour or pattern. It's fine to have floral fabrics sitting comfortably next to stripes and checks as long as they link in some way. For example cheap curtains or blinds with a floral pattern can be used to connect cushions and throws, likewise large rugs with a floral pattern or similar colour tone will help to ground the style and bring it together in a balanced and cohesive manner.

The same principles apply to your bedrooms. Duvet cover sets can be matched with curtains, flooring and walls. For those of you who prefer a completely coordinated look duvet cover sets can often be bought with identical matching curtains, boudoir styled cushions and bed runners. These complete sets can look stunning and are ideal for those who love this type of interior design style and yet don't have the creative flair to bring each of these soft furnishings together in a coherent way.

For those who do have a touch of design flair mixing and matching soft furnishings is a great way to create a stunning interior without having to spend a small fortune, and can be even more economical if you make your own cushion covers and curtains etc. Remember to include a variety of different textures, silk, satin, faux fur, cotton, velvet for example to help prevent your rooms from looking flat and lifeless. Mix and match rough with smooth on your floors to add depth and character, plain with pattern on walls either by using patterned wallpaper on a feature wall or by hanging wall art on a plain wall, along with a variety of different fabrics for your soft furnishings.

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