How to give a quick boost to your interior by defining spaces

If your home is open plan it can become a blur as each area merges into the next, without walls open planning can sometimes create an area of confusion as each part plays against the other vying for attention. Furthermore, rather than providing you with a large open space the room can easily become cluttered and disorganised. A good example of this scenario is homes with lounge-diners – in today's post we're going to offer tips on giving each area definition and character while still sitting comfortably next to each other.

One of the easiest ways to divide lounge-diners is to have a distinct difference between the two areas using large rugs. It makes practical sense to use a large rug in the living room end of the room and keeping the flooring plain in the dining end of the room. You could also use a different coloured rug for each section to draw an imaginary line between the two spaces. This approach works particularly well if you have wooden flooring, as the difference in textures will be felt on your feet as you step from hard to soft.

Many people use book-cases or free-standing shelving to give a false impression of a wall, and while this may be an effective way to define spaces in large rooms, in small rooms the whole point of incorporating two rooms together is to maximise living space - this faux wall approach can easily give the illusion of constricted and cramped areas. In small rooms it's wise to keep the décor the same colour as this will open up the room making it feel more spacious, keep to pale neutral colours to give a light and airy feel to the room.

If you have the 'classical' windows at each end of the room you could choose different coloured cheap curtains rather than having identical, but it should be done subtly otherwise the difference will stick out like a sore thumb rather than providing chic styling! Grouping furniture is also a great way to define each space – with your dining table and chairs in one area and sofas and easy chairs in the other – easy solution I hear you cry! - yes, it is but only if you don't allow any encroachment of furniture into the other area, which can easily be done if you don't keep a tight rein! There's plenty of interior design ideas for those who live in open planned homes online, take a look and see how other define their spaces, there may be something which will suit the size of your room which you can adapt to suit your décor and budget.

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