How To Get Your Home In Order After The Holidays

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The festive season can create a lot of mess and disorder in your home, however, once your guests have left and life returns to normal you can start to get your home back into order if you take a systematic approach, along with some delegation to other family members, after all you didn't make all the mess!

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Take Down The Decorations:

Traditionally decorations should be taken down on The Twelfth Night, 5th January. Some consider it bad luck if you take them down any earlier or later, but it's up to you when you take your festive decorations down! It's a good time to sort through them, throwing away any that are damaged or broken. Store them in labelled, lidded boxes either in the loft or a convenient place until Christmas time, which believe it or not is later on in the year!

Remove The Tree:

Real trees should be recycled. many local authorities have facilities for recycling Christmas trees. If you have an artificial tree, store with your other decorations, somewhere where it won't get damp and mildewy.

Find Homes For The Presents:

Receiving presents is great, but finding a home for them may pose a problem! If you have time go through your wardrobe and donate to charity a like-for-like, for example if you were given a new jumper swap the new one for an old one. If you don't have time, or want to keep everything, it's a matter of finding a place to squeeze new clothes into! Likewise with other types of presents, swap old for new and you'll find you have sufficient storage space without getting too cluttered.

De-clutter The Living And Dining Rooms:

Once devoid of the tree and decorations the living and dining room may look a little bland and sparse, however, a good de-clutter will also help your home to return to normality.

Thoroughly Clean The Oven:

Unless you are a clean freak cleaning the oven wasn't at the top of your festive agenda! make time to give it a really good clean, you'll be pleased you did and of course, it will be far more hygenic for you and your family.

Clean The Guest Room:

If you've had visitors to stay the guest room/s will need to be cleaned. Change the bedding, and re-make the beds with fresh, clean linen. Hoover and dust the room, be sure to clean under the bed, you never know what your guests may have inadvertently left behind!

Tackle The Bathroom And Cloakroom:

After days of constant use the bathroom and cloakroom is going to need a thorough clean. Bath, shower, sink, loo, tiles, flooring etc. Work systematically and everything will quickly become sparkling clean.

Don't Forget The Patio And Garden:

Clear up the patio, especially if you've used it to store/chill beers and wine and used it as a place for all the Christmas wrapping paper etc. Recycle bottles, cans and paper. If permissible in your area use large plastic sacks and remember to put them out for the dustbin emptier’s on the specified day. Tackle each room separately and you'll soon have your home back in order after the holidays.


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